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Shangaan Amethyst Scepter - Smoky Amethyst from Zimbabwe

Shangaan Amethyst Scepter - Smoky Amethyst from Zimbabwe

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This particular type of amethyst comes from the Chibuku mine and is named after the place it comes from – the Shangaan tribal area in Zimbabwe, Africa. The Shangaan amethyst is dug up by the locals. Here there are a number of specific rules set by the chief to protect the nature in which they are found. For example, 5 trees have to be planted for every tree that is cut down and every hole that is dug has to be filled again. ABOUT AMETHYST: Relieves stress and anxiety, initiates wisdom and greater understanding. Amethyst assists in understanding and connecting to the eternal existence of the soul and initiates one’s own deep soul experiences. ABOUT SHANGAAN AMETHYST SCEPTERS: Scepters occur when a new quartz crystal forms over and caps a previously formed prismatic crystal. This shape of stone serves to stimulate the emotional body and help you release any trapped or buried anger, resentment, or fear. Shangaan amethyst contains a strong feminine energy that brings out self-confidence and personal power. The crystal is seen as a master healer that creates personal transformation. All crystals, gems, and minerals from this shop have been cleansed and charged with Reiki energy, however, due to the shipping process it is still recommended to cleanse your stones once received.
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