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Raw Cerussite on Barite Cluster - Cerussite with Galena on Barite

Raw Cerussite on Barite Cluster - Cerussite with Galena on Barite

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These clusters measure between 1.5" - 2" wide. Please choose your specific cluster.

ABOUT CERUSSITE: Cerussite is a lead carbonate crystal that can bring amazing change into your life, through the process of spiritual alchemy. Despite its high vibration and strong spiritual connection, it helps you remain connected to the earth, and can bring clarity of thought and increased concentration.

ABOUT BARITE: Barite is a journeying stone that keeps you safe during spiritual exploration. It resonates with the upper chakras and serves as a channel to the higher realms, facilitating access to angelic energies. This crystal also relieves blockages to spiritual energies, rekindles faith, and clears karmic debt from misuse of psychic gifts in previous or current lifetimes. Barite is said to originate from Atlantis, helping you connect with the wisdom of this ancient civilization.

Since cerussite (clearish crystals) and galena (silvery specks) contain lead, please take care to wash your hands after handling.

All crystals, gems and minerals from this shop have been cleansed and charged with Reiki energy, however due to the shipping process it is still recommended to cleanse your stones upon receiving.

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