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Speak Your Truth Bracelet - Amazonite and Lapis Lazuli

Speak Your Truth Bracelet - Amazonite and Lapis Lazuli

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These bracelets are approximately 7.5 inches in diameter and can stretch to about 8.5 inches. 

All of the bracelets in the Intention Bracelet line were handmade by me and infused with the corresponding intention and healing energy.

The "Speak Your Truth" bracelet consists of 8mm amazonite beads and 8mm lapis lazuli beads.

About Amazonite

If the soothing turquoise color of Amazonite doesn’t calm you down enough, this Stone of Truth is wonderful for healing the emotional body by linking our heart and throat chakras.  It increases self-esteem and soothes trauma, worry, and fear. It carries a spiritual quality of personal truth and helps you communicate your truth more effectively. Enhance your manifestations by vocalizing your desires while holding this beautiful stone.

About Lapis Lazuli

Known as a stone of royalty, lapis lazuli assists in uncovering inner truth and knowledge. It has a powerful connection to the third eye, and with its pyrite inclusions, the solar plexus chakra as well, helping you to take action on your truth and visions. This is the perfect stone for students, teachers, and truth seekers.

All crystals, gems, and minerals from this shop have been cleansed and charged with Reiki energy, however, due to the shipping process it is still recommended to cleanse your stones upon receiving.

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