The Benefits of Wearing Crystal Jewelry

The Benefits of Wearing Crystal Jewelry

Of all the different ways you can use healing crystals, wearing them is probably the easiest and most beneficial in your daily life. It is one of my favorite ways to use crystals, and the possibilities are endless!


The first thing to consider when wearing healing crystals is where on your body you want to wear them. Why is that important? Different areas of the body correspond to different chakras, pressure points, and meridians.  Depending on your intention and desired outcome, you’ll want to consider where you are putting the crystal on your body.


For example, one of the most common ways to wear a healing crystal is as a necklace or pendant. Generally, this means that the crystal is resting on or around your heart chakra. The heart chakra connects us to love and compassion for others and for ourselves. When this chakra is out of alignment, we can feel lonely, insecure, and isolated.  This is also where grief tends to reside in our bodies. 

The heart chakra, also known as our “heart center”, is also seen as the bridge between our upper and lower chakras, and is the center of our being. This is why it is the perfect place for any healing crystal to be worn.




A bracelet, on the other hand (no pun intended), is also a very good way to wear healing crystals, as its energy touches a large part of your aura as you move your hands around during the day. It also is an excellent place to put any crystals meant for root or sacral healing, since when your arms are down, this is where the bracelet will rest. The root chakra represents our foundation and is responsible for us feeling safe, secure, and grounded. The sacral chakra (located at the lower abdomen) governs creativity, sexuality, and how we relate to our emotions.


Speaking of hands, rings can also be an important way to wear your crystals. Each hand and finger represent something different, and whether you want to give or receive certain energy.  The thumb is symbolic of willpower, while the index finger represents our goals and wishes.  The middle finger is connected to our intuition and feelings, so it’s no surprise that it’s the finger we hold up if someone makes us mad. Not surprisingly, the ring finger is connected with love. The pinky finger represents change, transformation, and new ideas.

Not only does each finger represent something different, but which hand you wear it on has meaning too. If you know anything about energy work, you will know that in general, the right hand is the giving hand, and the left hand is the receiving hand. This can vary for some people depending on whether they are right- or left-handed, but this is true in the majority of cases. So for example, if I were to wear a right on my right ring finger, it would be more likely to give loving energy, while if I put it on my left ring finger, it would be more about receiving love.


Earrings can also contain healing crystals, and these are best used for crystals you’d like to be near your upper chakras, such as your throat, third eye, and crown. Since they are so close to your head, you may definitely feel these energies, and some crystals may be too strong for some if you are very sensitive to energies.


Other places you may wear crystal jewelry may be anklets (best for grounding crystals), or a headpiece such as a crown or maangtika (best for crown and third eye chakra crystals).


Since jewelry tends to be worn everywhere you go, crystal jewelry can pick up a lot of different energies from your surroundings and the people you encounter, so it is important that you cleanse your crystal jewelry often. This can be done with sage, but the easiest method for me is to use a piece of black kyanite. I cleanse all of my jewelry with black kyanite every day before I put it on.  If I am somewhere where I don’t have my black kyanite, I simply use intention and energy work to cleanse each piece.


The way we wear jewelry is very personal and subjective. I don’t always wear jewelry solely based on intention or its healing qualities. It is also nice to match your outfit or make a fashion statement. So while wearing certain crystals on certain areas of your body can be very beneficial, don’t feel like you are stuck wearing it only one way, or only wearing a certain crystal or type of jewelry because of the areas that need healing. First and foremost, jewelry is pretty! Have fun with it!


And lastly, everything is all about intention. If you don’t have a certain crystal meant for a certain purpose, make it have that purpose. Your intention is everything when it comes to any sort of energy healing or crystal healing. If your intention is that your necklace protects you from negative energies, but traditionally that crystal is for opening your third eye, or for love and compassion, as long as the intention and the belief is there, it will do it. 


Your intention is more powerful than the most powerful crystal in the world, and while certain crystals and colors traditionally correspond with certain things, everyone’s reality is different, and in fact, you make your own reality. So make it so. Wear what you like, as long as it is with intention.


What kind of crystal jewelry do you like to wear? Let us know in the comments!

The benefits of wearing crystal jewelry

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