The Magic of Crystal Skulls

The Magic of Crystal Skulls


These skulls are anything but spooky or dark! They hold a very positive energy and can be used for great transformation and spiritual growth. The legend of the ancient crystal skulls is famous and you may do your own research regarding the history. They say you don’t choose your crystal skull, it chooses you.


Crystal skulls are energetically different than any other crystal, giving off an energy field very similar to an actual human being, amplified by the power of the actual crystal it is carved out of. The reason for being carved into a human skull shape is the metaphor that the skull contains and protects the brain, which the organ we use to express ourselves and receive information consciously in this reality.

They are here to help us access and process the information that is stored in them and to grow spiritually.


This is Elizabeth! She told me her name while she was still being shipped to me!


There are many uses for crystal skulls, however, they are most commonly used for ancestral work and connecting with your guides. Generally, a skull will have a specific ancestor, guide or angel that will communicate with you through the skull.  Ask your skull it’s name and you’ll usually get an answer! Spend time with your skull and get to know each other. You both have wisdom to share with each other. 

When you receive your skull, cleanse its energy with your preferred method. Sage, salt, reiki, intention, sound, etc. Spend some time with your skull. Some people like to put their head together with the skull third eye to third eye. 

Working with crystal skulls is a very personal thing and what you experience may not be the same as what someone else experiences. If you have multiple crystal skulls, your experience with each of them may be different as well since they each have something different to teach you.

When meditating with your crystal skull, pay attention to whatever pops into your head and what feelings you experience. I like to sleep with mine with the intention of having insightful or prophetic dreams.

However you choose to work with it, it would be a good idea to keep a log of your experiences and insights.

Another way to use your crystal skull is to place it in the center of a grid. Since its energy field is similar to a sphere, it works perfectly well and can yield some interesting results.

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